We have many upcoming events here at EGTI! Each event is listed below.

Cruising for Dreams - FUNDRAISER

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, as we pack our bags in preparation to cruise away into the ocean breeze. We will be traveling around the city port of New Orleans while we wait for the cruise. We will be gathering virtually this year as we wait for the cruise.

The proceeds are benefiting Erskine Green Training Institute. EGTI is the first of its kind postsecondary vocational training program for people with disabilities. Opened in 2016, EGTI provides training in hospitality, food service, healthcare, and inventory distribution.

The program provides a uniquely personalized training experience for each student. During the 10 – 13 week training sessions, students attend class, master key job skills, and gain valuable work experience through an internship.

In addition to hands-on job training, the curriculum addresses critical soft skills like appropriate workplace etiquette, teamwork, taking direction, and effective communication skills.

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Alumni Retreat

EGTI Alumni Retreat

April 12 & 13, 2021

9am-4pm EST

Registration Deadline – April 5, 2021.

Registration Options (payment is due at the time of registration):

  • Commuter (1 day): $100 (Includes 1-day Retreat. Meals are paid for on your own.)
  • Commuter (2 days): $200 (Includes 2-day Retreat. Meals are paid for on your own.)
  • 1 night: $318 (Includes 2-day Retreat plus 1 hotel night in a single room. Meals are paid for on your own.)
  • 2 nights: $436 (Includes 2-day Retreat plus 2 hotel nights in a single room. Meals are paid for on your own.)

*EGTI staff will make all hotel reservations. This does not need to be done by the individual. If you pay for one night, a reservation for the night of Monday, April 12 will be made. If you pay for two nights, a reservation for the nights of Sunday, April 11 and Monday, April 12 will be made.

The focus of the EGTI Alumni Retreat:

  1. Create or refreshen social connections with former classmates or graduates who you have met on the EGTI Alumni Facebook page but not in person. Are there graduates who live near your home, and you’d like to exchange numbers so you can set up times to hang out? With over 200 EGTI graduates, the EGTI Alumni Retreat is a good opportunity to broaden your social circle!
  1. Covid-19 has now been here for almost one year. Yuck! This has caused many of us to become stationary and lose momentum on our personal and vocational goals. Now that a vaccine is here, there is an end in sight, so it is time to get re-energized!

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