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Erskine Green Training Institute (EGTI), founded by The Arc of Indiana Foundation, is the first of its kind postsecondary vocational training program in the country. Opened in 2016, EGTI provides training in hospitality, food service, healthcare, and inventory distribution.

Housed within the Courtyard by Marriott in Muncie, Indiana, the program provides a uniquely personalized training experience for each student. During the 10 and 12 week training sessions, students attend class, master key job skills, and gain valuable work experience through an internship.

In addition to hands-on job training, the curriculum addresses critical soft skills like appropriate workplace etiquette, teamwork, taking direction, and effective communication skills.

EGTI’s programming is designed for individuals whose academic, social, communication, and adaptive skills are affected due to a disability. Most applicants would have received special education services in the K-12 setting and exited their secondary school with a diploma, GED, or certificate of completion. Students must be 18 years or older at the start of the training session.

Upon completion of the program, students leave with a certificate, resume, practiced interview skills and a list of open positions in the community they are returning to after graduation. More importantly, they leave connected to the EGTI team and other resources, including an alumni group, for ongoing support and information.

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EGTI is enjoying tremendous success. Every aspect of the program is designed to promote not only employment skills but also increased self-esteem and confidence. Over 80% of EGTI graduates have secured employment in communities throughout Indiana.

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to visit EGTI by registering for one of the monthly general tours. Individual tours can be scheduled by contacting info@egti.org.

Not sure EGTI is right for you? Career Sampling Sessions are offered several times throughout the year and provide a two-day opportunity for potential students to observe and try the various jobs. EGTI staff work one on one with participants to assess their employment strengths and challenges. Participants also complete a self-assessment to reflect their thoughts about each job. These assessments assist participants in determining which program best fits their interest and skillset.

For more information, contact info@egti.org.

The Reason Behind the Name - Carl Erskine & Steve Green

EGTI is named in honor of Indiana natives Carl Erskine and Steve Green and their families. Many know Carl Erskine for his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Steve Green, Bobby Knight’s first recruit at Indiana University, went on to enjoy a successful professional basketball career with the Indiana Pacers.

While they were building their careers, Carl and his wife Betty, and Steve and his wife Lana, also worked to make a significant impact in the lives of people with disabilities, inspired by their children, Jimmy Erskine and Jessica Green, who were born with Down syndrome.

The Erskine’s began their advocacy for people with disabilities in the 1960’s when their son Jimmy was born. They became leaders in the early movement to develop programs and services to support people with disabilities in communities throughout Indiana.

In 2012, Carl authored The Parallel, a book that details the similarities of the journeys of Jackie Robinson, who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947, and Jimmy – looking at how both overcame prejudice and rejection to achieve acceptance and inclusion. Carl republished his book in 2016 with all proceeds benefiting EGTI.

Steve, along with his wife Lana, picked up the torch from Carl and Betty. When Jessica was born, one of the first calls they received was from Coach Bobby Knight. He encouraged them to not listen to anyone who told them what she could not do, and to focus their energy towards working with Jessica to build her own life.

Neither family let a label or diagnosis change their dreams for their children. Nor did they know the impact they would have on Hoosiers with disabilities. They just knew their children deserved the same opportunities as every other child. Today, Jimmy and Jessica serve as role models for others with disabilities.

The Erskine and Green families exemplify the spirit, dedication and selflessness of all the families involved in The Arc. We are pleased to be able to honor two families who have contributed so much.

Program Data & Success Stories

Erskine Green Training Institute staff follow up with graduates 8- and 18-months post graduation through a survey. Click on the links below to view our most recent data.

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Follow Up Survey

Student Success Stories

The journey of EGTI does not only impact the student alone but the family as a whole. We have heard from a variety of family members about the impact EGTI had on their son or daughter. Join us as we hear about the following journeys – Chad Feazel & Gill Nichols.

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The Arc of Indiana - Empowering People, Inspiring Change

The Arc of Indiana exists to help Hoosiers with disabilities and their families realize their goals of learning, living, working, and fully participating in the community. Established in 1956 by parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc’s main focus is to provide a resource for families to come together and advocate for a better life for their children.

With over 27,000 members and 44 chapters in Indiana, The Arc is on the front lines to:

  • Empower families with information and resources to assist them in their journey of raising a child with a disability to lead a full and meaningful life.
  • Inspire positive change in public policy and public attitudes.
  • Empower people with disabilities to be self-sufficient and independent to the greatest extent possible.
  • Prevent disabilities through education about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while pregnant and advocating for all women to have quality prenatal care.
  • Serve as a spokesperson and advocate for families and their loved ones.

Throughout its history, The Arc has led the way in accessing public education, closing institutions, fighting for the Americans with Disabilities Act, and now, working to increase employment opportunities.