Lacy Family Healthcare Programs

Upon acceptance into EGTI’s Lacy Family Healthcare Programs, students will need to complete paperwork and obtain specific immunizations to meet IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital’s employee and intern requirements.

Students will also be required to complete a health screening, done at the hospital, which includes an eye exam, drug screen, blood pressure check, etc. The hospital requires 20/40 vision, and that can be with the use of glasses or contacts. EGTI staff will schedule and arrange a time for students to complete this. The cost of the drug screening is included in tuition. Students must have a photo ID with them at the time of the screening.

Please refer to the Packing List on page 12 of the Student Handbook for clothing and shoe requirements.

The following immunizations are required by the Indiana State Board of Health.

  • Influenza (Please wait to obtain this until instructed to do so by EGTI staff. Depending on the training program dates, the Influenza shot may not be required.)
  • Two chickenpox (Varicella) or a blood titer to prove immunity
  • Two TB Skin Tests or 1 QuantiFERON-TB Gold Blood Test (Please wait to obtain these until the student’s acceptance status has been determined. A TB skin test document will be included within a student’s acceptance packet to complete.)
  • Two MMR
  • TdaP
  • Hepatitis B–only required for the Environmental Services training program
  • Drug Screening–students will complete this at IUHBMH

Nutrition Services (Dishroom and Tray Transport)

A service assistant in the Nutrition Services department provides support related to meal responsibilities. Tasks include, but are not limited to, running the dishroom, delivering food trucks to the hospital ambassador, and collecting dirty trays from patient floors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Navigate different areas within the hospital
  • Deliver food trucks to ambassadors on patient floors
  • Retrieve soiled food trays from patient floors
  • Wash pots and pans by following the three-sink set up
  • Unload soiled trays
  • Operate dish machine and conveyor belts
  • Load and unload dish machine
  • Put away clean dishes
  • Clean equipment and floors
  • Empty trash

Environmental Services (Housekeeping)

An employee in the Environmental Services department is responsible for completing housekeeping tasks throughout the hospital and within patient rooms. Students training in this program at EGTI focus on cleaning patient rooms and public areas on the patient floors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Navigate different areas within the hospital
  • Appropriately utilize cleaning chemicals for a variety of cleaning assignments
  • Complete the cleaning routine within patient rooms: sweeping, mopping, damp dusting, cleaning equipment, cleaning restroom, changing bed linens, and collecting trash and soiled linens
  • Appropriately dispose of infectious and general trash
  • Appropriately dispose of soiled linen
  • Complete the correct type of cleaning depending on the room type (i.e. daily and dismissal)
  • Clean public restrooms on the patient floor
  • Take inventory of supplies stored in assigned closet
  • Keep cleaning cart clean and orderly

Patient Transport

Patient Transporters are responsible for safely transporting patients to and from testing sites and other locations within the hospital using a wheelchair, stretcher, or hospital bed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Navigate different areas within the hospital
  • Have great upper body strength to assist with transferring patients from a bed to stretcher and push to assigned destination
  • Appropriately manipulate all types of patient transport equipment: stretcher, hospital bed, and wheelchair
  • Secure patient chart, medical equipment (i.e. oxygen, IV pole, catheter, etc.), and belongings cart, if required, during transport
  • Follow safe hand-off procedure when communicating with the caregiver and nurse
  • Follow oxygen transport procedures: attach oxygen tank, adjust oxygen level, and transport patient with the respiratory nurse when required
  • Maintain awareness of patient safety during transport
  • Appropriately utilize hospital technology (e.g. iPod, phone, radio, and computer) to receive and end assignments and communicate with other patient transporters
  • Clean transport equipment after each use
  • Communicate with patients, nurses, therapists, family, and other patient transport staff to allow for smooth transports

Inventory Distribution

An employee working within Inventory Distribution is responsible for tracking medical and non-medical supplies stored throughout the hospital and replenishing products that are low.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Navigate different areas within the hospital
  • Within medical supply rooms throughout the hospital, count the quantity of supplies and read product label to determine the quantity needed (i.e. there are six items present, but the product label states 10 are required)
  • Utilize a hand-held scanner to order supplies that are running low
  • Utilize an order form to locate and gather the correct amount of supplies from the supply warehouse
  • Push supply cart up to each assigned area
  • Stock supplies in the appropriate slot within assigned areas