IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Recognizes EGTI Student

February, 26, 2016

Recognized by President and CEO Michael Haley this week during our State of the Region Address, Zach O’Connor is an outstanding student from the The Arc of Indiana, training at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital with the Erskine Green Training Institute: “Zach makes genuine connections with our patients.”

Here’s Zach’s story ———————————–

Watching Zach O’Connor do his work on the South Tower third floor, it is evident that he works smart and is intentional about getting everything just right. As he cleans an occupied patient room, he moves swiftly, leaving no surface unclean, and stays quiet so that he doesn’t disturb the patient.

He returns to his supply cart several times to retrieve clean gloves, clean towels and a clean mop head. When he’s finished, he returns to the room to give the patient his card. He has a brief, but meaningful conversation with the patient, assuring the patient that his comfort and satisfaction are important to Zach.

“He’s really connecting with the patient,” said Janice Jones, Operations Manager of Environmental Services* for IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

As Zach leaves the patient room, he says with all sincerity, “I’m going to miss that guy.”

Passing through the hallway while Zach tidies up his cart is Service Assistant Ronnie Jones, who has been an integral part of the Arc program’s involvement at IUH BMH since its inception.

“He’s the man, isn’t he? That’s our buddy, Zach,” Ronnie said. “You know if I can leave the area, he is doing it right.”

Zach is in his final weeks of training, and then he will move on to his internship. His Trainer, Daniel Gurulé, a Student Support Specialist for the Erskine Green Training Institute, has spent the past several weeks working directly with Zach.

“He’s a good learner, he’s full of personality, and he is very efficient,” Gurulé said. “He takes notes constantly and has little cheat sheets to make sure he doesn’t mess up. He takes his job very seriously.”

In fact, Zach has done an outstanding job.

“Patients have commented on several occasions about what a good job he’s doing,” Jones said. “And we’ve received 2 or 3 phone calls recognizing him for his good work.”

“He’s just a delight” she said.

Zach is 20 years old and has lived in several cities. His first job was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he has even met LeBron James.

“How was that?” we asked.

Zach shrugged and grinned, “He’s a person.”

Delightful and humble Zach has been a joy to have as the first Arc student here at IUH BMH. His trainer sums up everyone’s sentiment:

“I’ve had the privilege of having just one student, so most of my time has been with just him,” Gurulé said. “I’m going to miss him when he moves on to get a job.”

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital's photo.
IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital's photo.
IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital's photo.