E-Newsletter - July 2016

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Tickets on Sale Now!

Join us for a charity casino game night featuring a VIP reception, surf & turf dinner, live music, Corvette raffle and silent auction to benefit the Erskine Green Training Institute. Read more

Now Available: Independent Living Skills Prerequites

Students interested in attending EGTI are expected to be independent in many of the skills listed within the prerequisites document below. Students should receive specific instruction and training on these skills before applying. Strategies and supports should be in place to address any of the skills that remain a challenge. Read more

Now Enrolling September Classes

The training programs of EGTI are more affordable than you may think. There are a variety of funding avenues available to prospective students. At EGTI, we strive to provide high-quality, affordable postsecondary vocational training for people with disabilities. Many students receive funding through scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation and other forms of assistance. So, be sure to investigate your options. We’re happy to work with you through that process! Read more

Graduate Updates!

Remember Brendan and Heather? Our North Vernon, IN grads decided to make a bold move to relocated to Indianapolis for more job opportunities, access to public transportation and to build their independent lives together. Read more

Free Career Sampling Sessions

This year EGTI has already offered more than 27 prospective students the opportunity to job shadow and try their hand at portions of each job for which it is offering training. Twelve more are at EGTI now participating in the July CSS. These opportunities assist both EGTI staff and the individuals as they determine which training program is right for them. The free sessions are hosted over two days. Read more