Staff Spotlight

Posted June 1, 2020

Meet Megan, director of Erskine Green Training Institute. Megan describes EGTI as opportunity, increased independence, and confidence builder. She would love to have her own workshop within her garage with access to all types of tools! Megan enjoys designing and creating things but oftentimes has to rely on her dad to execute the building of her designs. She wishes she was better with tools to be able to do it herself. The one thing that Megan cannot resist is Rae Dunn; her collection keeps growing! Megan loves going anywhere that has a beach, sun, and clear water.


Meet Fenway, recruitment and marketing for Erskine Green Training Institute. Fenway describes EGTI as opportunity, confidence, and growth. If Fenway had the chance to learn anything, he would learn to play the ukulele. He cannot resist the opportunity to pick up his camera and take photos. Fenway would have his suitcase and camera bag packed quickly if given the opportunity to travel to Switzerland.

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