Staff Spotlight

Posted April 9, 2020

Meet Zach Runyan, instructor of hospitality and restaurant programs. Zach describes EGTI as incredible, amazing, and wonderful! If Zach had the chance to learn anything, he would like to learn to play the guitar, piano, or how to sing. He cannot resist the opportunity to play golf on a beautiful day! Zach enjoys adventures and would enjoy traveling to the United Kingdom to explore Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.



Meet Grace Clark, student Support Specialist with hospitality and restaurant programs. Grace describes EGTI as innovative, growth, and independence. She recently has had a heightened interest in baking/decorating cakes. With limited gluten-free cakes out there, she is dabbling with how to make them taste good and look pretty. If you have any tips, send them her way! Grace LOVES coffee and is extremely passionate about traveling! One of her bucket-list items it to travel to every continent (minus Antarctica). She only has a couple left on her list, so if she had to choose, she’d like to go somewhere in Africa next.

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